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Join the Credit Union Family

An initial $5 deposit into a Regular Share Account grants full member/owner status at Western Districts Members Credit Union. This allows you to enjoy our wide range of services, as well as making you eligible to vote in all credit union elections, if you are 18 years or older.

If you'd like to join, simply fill out our online membership application.

Membership Requirements

You are eligible for membership in Western Districts Members Credit Union if you meet any of the following conditions:

If you represent a company that is not affiliated with a credit union and would like to offer your employees an exciting benefit at no cost to you. Please contact WDMCU.

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Tiered Services

We believe in rewarding you for establishing a solid business relationship with the credit union. That's why we are offering special tiered benefits to our members!

Your tier level is determined by services and balances at the end of the previous month. The more services you use, the more it pays! If you do financial business elsewhere, you will get more benefits if you transfer your accounts to Western Districts Members Credit Union. If you have any questions concerning what tier you are in, contact the credit union.

Basic Tier: 0 - 400 points

Silver Tier: 401 - 650 points

Gold Tier: 651 - 950 points

Platinum Tier: 951+ points

Tiered Services Points

The chart below shows the point value for each credit union service. Your account is reviewed at the end of each month and points are rewarded the first day of the following month.

Credit Union Services Points
Checking Account 150
Sub Share Account 50
Club Account 50
CD 150
IRA 150
Aggregate Balance up to $500 50
Aggregate Balance up to $501-$5,000 75
Aggregate Balance $5,001 - $25,000 100
Aggregate Balance $25,001+ 200
Negative Account -200
Home Equity Loan 200
Any Other Loan 50
Aggregate Balance $500 - $15,000 100
Aggregate Balance $15,001+ 200
Delinquent Loan -250
Other Services
ATM Card 100
Payroll Deduction of $200 or More 100
Direct Deposit of $200 or More 100
Active CU*Talk 100
Active Automatic Funds Transfer 100
Active PC Banking (It's Me 247) 100
Enrolled E-statements 50
Enrolled Bill Payment (CU*EasyPay) 50